Almgren & Sankamo Law Offices

Almgren & Sankamo is a law firm with its roots in 1984. Our strengths include the comprehensive management of corporate legal affairs, solutions to the legal problems of individuals, and demanding litigation.

Collection service Perintäkarhut operating in connection with Almgren & Sankamo possesses more than 30 years of experience in effective and personalised debt collection operations.


Almgren & Sankamo has joined to JCA International

JCA International is a global association of law offices consists today of law offices in 28 different countries throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, Russia and Brazil. Almgren & Sankamo can now provide reliable legal services to our customers in all major market areas by using JCA Interntational´s wide network law offices.

Members of JCA International mostly focus on business and corporate law. Their work is of a commercial nature with a significant portion of cross-border transactions. JCA’s strength is in close personal relationships between members as well as a high standard of service in terms of quality and competence.